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Friends. No… FAMILY.


My heart is pretty much scattered all over the place. 

Most of all it’s in Orlando. 

Bits of it is in Arizona, Bits of it is in New York, bits of it is in Massachusetts, bits of it is in New Jersey, Bits of it is in London, Bits of it is in New Orleans, Bits of it is in India and bits of it is in Australia…

They all need to come back to me and patch up those pieces back together…

In Orlando, where my heart was whole. 

So it can whole again. 

This still needs to happen folks. ;)

I am beyond excited to start my program!!!!

I am looking forward to finding ways to move up in the company! I plan on shadowing so many people in management and theatre!

I am so excited about rooming with Erin! I’m even ecstatic about online Valencia college classes just to get more credits out of the way before I start at UCF! Things are falling in place the way they’re meant to be. 

I was meant to do another program and I’m ready to discover why. :)

My Disney College Program experience in a survey.

my DCP experience

1 Name: Kails

2 Age: (Newly) 21!

3 When did you do the college program? Spring 2012!

4 Did you live in Vista Way or Chatham Square or Patterson? Chatham Square

5 Did you get along with all of your roommates? I only had one! Hahaaa. My roommate was the best! I always heard horror stories about roommates and I was so blessed to have had a great roommate!

6 Who was your favorite roommate? Bree<3 Haha She was my only roommate. Haha.

7 Where did you work?  Merchandising at EPCOT’s MouseGear! (I worked at several stores at Hollywood Studios though!)

8 Were you good at your role? I suppose so. I mean my managers loved me.

9 Best thing about working there? Creating Magic!

10 Worst thing about working there? Honestly there was nothing bad about it! My team and MouseGear was absolutely AMAZING. 

11 Who was your favorite manager?  Oh my gosh I loved them all!

12 Were you friends with your coworkers?  The best of friends!

13 Who was your closest coworker friend? Oh my goodness, I was close to EVERYONE. MouseGear was such a tight-knit family!

14 Did you have a crush on any of your coworkers? Haha, I guess if you call it that. :)

15 Was there anyone you would have liked to hook up with/date? Honestly? Not really. I was focused on my friends. I was focused on work and having the time of my life!

16 Ever had a guest get mad at you? Several times but I couldn’t control the situation, it was out of my hands.

17 Ever get a reprimand? Nope. I got a point for being late once but that was it.

Your Favorites:

18 Park: Tie between EPCOT and MAGIC

19 Parade: Celebrate a Dream Come True <3333

20 Hollywood Studios show: FANTASMIC

21 Disney Character:  Ariel, Peter, Simba… I cant pick just one!

22 Land in the Magic Kingdom:  TomorrowLand, Sorry… People Mover, COP, Space Mountain and Buzz wins over my heart.

23 Country in the World Showcase: England!

24 Your top 5 favorite attractions: 1. Tower Of Terror!!!!! 2. Soarin’ 2. Buzz 3. Toy Story Mania 4. Test Track  5. Rock ‘N Roller Coaster!

Did You Ever:

25 Eat at the Sci Fi Dine in Theater: no :’(

26 Go on the Carousel of Progress: yes. often :D

27 Ride the Tomorrowland Transit Authority: OH MY GOSH LIKE A THOUSAND TIMES.

28 See Drew Carrey’s “Sounds Dangerous”: i dont believe this is around anymore

29 Eat a Turkey Leg? The first time Erin and I went to hollywood studios together! haha

30 Figure out what the Splash Mountain song is really saying: Hahaa.

31 Get annoyed by the opening movie in Test Track: Kind of. 

32 Take any Disney classes:  No.

33 Take the bus: Alot of fun bus stories!!! hahaaa.

34 Ever seen someone famous: I met Ashley Benson. She came up to me close to park closing and ended up talking with me for an hour. She left and I had no idea who she was until a fellow CP friend said she saw her and then I was like “Who?” and then I was like… “well… I talked to a celebrity for like an hour and didn’t know who she was. Awesome.” Haha. Doesnt happen everyday. Hopefully next time I’ll run into someone I know. haha.

35 Do something you weren’t supposed to do on a ride: Nah. 

36 Have you visited anyone that you knew on the Program? I was on the program? lol people visited me.

37 Have you dreamed about Disney World since you left? Oh god. Like everyday. I’m fixing to live in Orlando permanently after my CP ends in August! (UCF, I’m coming for you!)

38 Would you ever consider moving to Orlando? I considered moving to Orlando before I graduated High School so YES. 

39 Would you ever do another College Program? I am! Spring Advantage this time! :)

40 Would you ever do a Professional Internship? I actually applied without realizing that it was only for Juniors! (I am only a sophomore but will be a junior by the end of this semester)

41 Are you a campus rep? I WAS, but then I got caught up in work and school that I didn’t get around to applying.

42 Are you glad you did the program? Yes! I have learned SO MUCH about myself that it was hard to believe! I learned so much about Disney and about the magic they created! The people I have met are my good friends for life and oh my god, I can’t describe the experience unless you actually do it yourself! I’m back for a second program so that says something right?! haha.


Anonymous asked:

What do you suggest when it comes to bringing a car on the program?

I actually didn’t have a car on my first college program.

I honestly had no problem with the buses because I had always took the EPCOT bus to and from work. It was okay most days but sometimes you find yourself staring at someone’s back (SO AWKWARD) because it’s so darn crowded when they pick up CPs from the commons! You are literally like.. on top of each other for the whole way. There would be times I would have to stand for the entire ride and it was not fun.

Now, taking the bus to Walmart, it’s awful. Don’t do it. Try to be friends with CPs that have cars because well… once you’ve experienced the Walmart bus…just…trust me on this… it’s absolutely awful. You have a time that you need to be back at the bus stop and then dealing with groceries and carrying them back to your apartment and then dealing with all of the stops in between and… bleh.

The bus was wonderful if I wanted to go to DTD or any of the parks just to avoid dealing with parking but I was limited as to really going around Orlando and exploring. Me and a friend decided to check out the University Of Central Florida one day (Go Knights!). WELL, let’s just say that the taxi fare was our entire week’s pay. ONE way. We split it-she paid for the ride there and then I paid for the ride back. BEFORE you take a taxi/cab, be sure to check out how far you’re going! I knew it was a good 45 minutes away but I didn’t expect the trip to be that expensive!

Anyway, IF you bring a car, just be prepared for people asking for a ride home or anywhere really. You WILL become known as “the person with the car” See on my program I rode with my friends home all the time who had cars. I tried to make it even with them to give them cash for gas money when i could. But everyone knew everyone who had cars because they all wanted to skip the buses. Hah. All of my friends were so generous to let us ride with them throughout our programs. 

I will be bringing my car on my next program only because it’s a 7 month program and I just want that option of my roommate (Erin!) and I to go to Walmart without having to take the stinking bus!

Most likely I will be taking the bus to work everyday just to save gas money! I just want my car to be there as an option because it is nice to have while on the program. It’s a huge time saver if I wanted to not have to wait around for an hour on the buses.

Best of luck on your program!

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